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Dr. Carter Indian Land PediatricsIndian Land Pediatrics is a board certified, single physician practice that’s dedicated to providing consistent care for your child. At our practice, you can form an invaluable relationship with a pediatrician that you can truly trust. Our pediatrician, Dr. Lucretia Carter, MD, FAAP, treats her patients as if they were her own children.

Dr. Carter is committed to personally knowing your child and is actively involved in the treatment of every patient. She is not only interested in the physical health of her patients, but she also thrives on seeing them reach their goals and enjoys congratulating them on their accomplishments.

About Our Practice

Indian Land Pediatrics Office LocationIndian Land Pediatrics is located in the South End Plaza on Charlotte Highway in Indian Land, SC. We have separate sick and well waiting rooms to minimize the spread of viruses to well children. We also have a rash and virulent virus room with a separate entrance. Any child who is suspected of having chicken pox, poison ivy, or other type of contagious condition will be met outside the practice and taken directly to this room, thereby minimizing exposure to other children.

About Our Staff

The staff at Indian Land Pediatrics is committed to the care of your child. The key members of our team are parents themselves, so they understand your concerns and worries. In addition to their training, the knowledge they earned over the years from raising their own children has helped them treat and care for our patients with compassion and understanding. Quite simply, our staff loves children and treats our patients like family.

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Call Indian Land Pediatrics for more information on our pediatrician, Dr. Lucretia Carter, and the specialized medical care we can give your child.

Indian Land Pediatrics
7580 Charlotte Hwy., Ste. 1000
Indian Land, SC 29707

Appointments & Information: 803-396-1090

Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:30am-5:00pm; Friday 8:30am-12:00pm